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Together with the non-profit organization Caeva, we want to build a training center for young people in Uganda and thus improve the life prospects of many people in the long term. We are committed to providing better education and equal opportunities.

We did it! Thanks to your contribution we were able to collect 10.000 € - stay tuned for more. 


What is our project about?

Together with the organization CAEVA from Jinja (Uganda) we want to make a difference. The topic of education is particularly close to our hearts as students, since we have unique educational opportunities available to us in Germany. Unfortunately, not everyone in this world enjoys this privilege.

The educational system in Uganda is, as in many areas of Africa, completely overwhelmed to provide basic learning conditions. A lack of teachers, teaching materials and sanitary facilities as well as class sizes of up to 100 children and adolescents are not uncommon, but unfortunately the rule. 83% of young people between the ages of 13 and 18 cannot attend secondary school. Reasons for this are too high school costs, the need for parental support or even unplanned pregnancies. Due to the lack of opportunities for further education, it is almost impossible for many young people in Uganda to learn a profession and thus escape poverty. In the long term, this leads to a vicious circle that spans generations, tying many families to the edge of subsistence and unemployment.

In order to help them out of this lack of perspective, CAEVA has made it its business to support young people who have not been able to complete their school education. They teach them practical trades and basic economic skills in various training facilities. About 10 years ago, they created a program for this purpose, in which these young adults are offered the opportunity to learn a typical apprentice able trade (such as mechanic, cook, hairdresser, etc.) free of charge over a period of 6-9 months. Since the labor market in Uganda is almost devoid of jobs, but at the same time there is a great need for these skills and services, the students are given a perspective of self-reliance and economic activity.

What happens with the money if the funding is successful?

As a team of 9 people, we want to get involved ourselves and convince ourselves that every single cent will effectively flow into the project and thus be used for a better education.

Together with the organization CAEVA, we will purchase a plot of land and build a training center on it. The money is mainly needed for the purchase of the land and the building materials. The construction itself will be done by the trainees with additional help from successful graduates of the program.

The equipment of the building is made possible by the support of numerous donations in kind from companies, so that the trainees can learn basic trades in a practical way. The transport of these donations in kind to Uganda is sponsored by our partner Kühne+Nagel. At this point we would like to say a big thank you!

We will of course share our journey with you in every detail. Via our social media channels we invite you to get a picture of our activities and the current status and to follow the project. In addition, we will regularly update all donors via email and inform them about the progress.

Join us on our journey for a better education!

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