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Donations to Ukraine

In 2021 WHUSH, in partnership with the initiative Sensability, raised 3268€ for Caritas.

The aid went towards Caritas initiatives improving the humanitarian situation in the parts of Ukraine that need it most.

Donations to India

In 2018 WHUSH enabled 12 children in India to have a regular school life for one year. Besides education, the children were also provided with shelter, care and medical support.

One of these students is Shogan. The six-year-old comes from a difficult family background and his father suffered from alcoholism. By financing the school education, not only Shogan made a step towards a better tomorrow, but his father has been sober ever since.

Sponsorships for Refugees

Since the beginning of last year, WHUSH has again been involved in the field of refugee aid. The Auxilio project was revived in collaboration with Mr. Ebeling, the coordinator of local refugee work in Vallendar and the surrounding area.

These are sponsorships of WHU members with refugee children of primary school age. The aim of the project is to facilitate the integration of families and to support children with homework and everyday school life. Ideally, the students involved will support their sponsored children throughout their studies at WHU and will remain in contact with them even afterwards. A total of 20 sponsorships have been closed in the past few months. So far, everyone involved has received consistently positive feedback from both children and parents. With this project we hope to have a lasting impact on the lives of the children and thank all volunteers, without whom the implementation of the project would not have been possible..

CV Training for High Schoolers

Cover letter, résumé and interview. Anyone who wants to be successful on the job market today should think about all of this. That is exactly why WHUSH organized application training for 11th grade students at the Schönstätter Marienschule in Vallendar last year and this year.

The focus was on building and designing a successful resume. Students also got an insight on the process of a succeessful job interview. Under the direction of Sabrina Bier and Charlotte Pretz , two students at WHUSH, the students were able to deal more closely with a clear, logical structure and a clear, appealing design. For this purpose, the pupils brought along pre-prepared CVs that were rewritten and improved together in groups. We would particularly like to thank Ms. Niklas-Wirth for the support with the organization and design.

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