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Scholarship for Namibian students 

In Partnership with the Namibian School "Private School Swakopmund", WHUSH has initiated a project to advance equal opportunities in education via a Scholarship.

This scholarship envisages enabling 2 especially talented but financially disadvantaged children from local schools to attend Private School Swakopmund (PSS) for the duration of  their high school career. PSS teaches in accordance with the International Cambridge Curriculum and offers an internationally recognised school - leaver's certificate that will open many doors for our supported students otherwise beyond their reach. We are currently looking for sponsors for this project and are looking forward to January 2024, when the first students supported with our scholarship can be welcomed at PSS! For every student that WHUSH finds a sponsor for, PSS will reciprocate with a full sponsorship funded by this school! 

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Donations to Turkey & Syria

In 2023 WHUSH in partnership with the initiative "Diversity", raised 2220€ for the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

The aid went towards DRK, enabling local organizations to use the money where it helps the most and has the greatest impact. 

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Donations to Ukraine

In 2021 WHUSH, in partnership with the initiative "Sensability", raised 3268€ for Caritas.

The aid went towards Caritas initiatives improving the humanitarian situation in the parts of Ukraine that need it most.

Donations to India

In 2018 WHUSH enabled 12 children in India to have a regular school life for one year. Besides education, the children were also provided with shelter, care and medical support.

One of these students is Shogan. The six-year-old comes from a difficult family background and his father suffered from alcoholism. By financing the school education, not only Shogan made a step towards a better tomorrow, but his father has been sober ever since.

Support for Refugees

Since the beginning of 2021, the Auxilio project was revived in collaboration with Mr. Ebeling, the coordinator of local refugee work in vallendar, and WHUSH has again been involved in the field of refugee aid. 

WHUSH has initiated partnerships of WHU members with refugee children of primary school age. The aim of the project is to facilitate the integration of families and to support children with homework and everyday school life. Ideally, the students involved will support their partner children throughout their studies at WHU and will remain in contact with them even afterwards. A total of 20 such partnerships have been formed in the first few months already. So far, everyone involved has received consistently positive feedback from both children and parents. Thank you to all volunteers!

Donations to Afghanistan 2.0

In 2008, a new WHUSH team supported the women's hospital with 4 ambulances. This aspect of keeping in touch with communities supported in the past is important to us.  

The ambulances were donated by the Boston Consulting Group and StudiVZ and free registrations and insurance for the cars were donated by TÜV. In a joint effort of the team, the ambulances were driven down to Afghanistan by the members of the WHUSH team themselves. 

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Donations to Afghanistan

For the first ever project in 2005, the WHUSH team formed a partnership with the Rezai Foundation - founded by the Afghan gynaecologist Dr. Mahdi Rezai. Under the name of his foundation, he built a women's naturopathic hospital in Herat, Afghanistan. 

During this partnership, the students supported the construction of a women's hospital with urgently needed materials that are being used for daily operations until this day. Among those donations was medical equipment, ten hospital beds, four incubators for premature babies and sterilisation equipment as well as three containers donated by the company Kühne und Nagel 

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