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What is WHUSH?

WHU students help e.V. is a student-led initiative that was founded in 2004. Since then, many generations of students have defined what we stand for as an initiative and what we are committed to through social engagement. Our goal is to help other people - both in our own neighborhood and around the world. We organize local projects, such as computer courses for schoolchildren in Vallendar, or provide integration assistance through our refugee project. We are currently also working with a local NGO to set up and equip a training center in Uganda.

“We have a social responsibility,
a constitutional opportunity and
a  moral obligation to help others.”

Janie Lewis

 The idea was to use the strengths of WHU students to generate money and donations in kind for good causes and to improve the world a little bit. This new initiative supplements the picture of the existing initiatives, which mostly specialize in technical topics, with a new non-profit aspect. At the center of this foundation was the first project of the initiative, the Afghanistan project. The initiative slowly formed around this project. A non-profit association was founded and, in addition to the large project in Afghanistan, other local projects such as social counseling (today Saidia as a separate initiative), help with homework and a project to support refugees were created.

Our Mission Statement

Entrepreneurial minds for social impact.

Accelerating community-lead change.

Our Business School

WHUSH is an initiative by the business school WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management. The WHU is an internationally renowned business school located in Vallendar near Koblenz.

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